Our company restores water bodies by managing fish stocks

Company has been operational over 20 years in Finland. I started to restore lakes and water bodies by managing fish stocks in early 80's. Business started in 1991 with co-operators.


Company's  working method was developed in 80's and it is based on ancient ways that they use to control catching commercially important fish in Lapland. Our current company name is Northern Traps.

Northern Traps operates mainly in Finland and Estonia . There are about 100 different kinds of lakes that we've been working on. Lakes vary in size from few hectares to huge thousands of hectares lakes. We have managed to balance internal loading of more than 20 lakes, and there are five lakes that have been restored particularly for fishing needs. In our restoration projects over the years we have removed over 2 million kilos of less valuable fish from eutrophicated water bodies. Whole project takes about five years to accomplish and has different operational parts. Work begins by reducing overpopulated fish stocks by intensive fishing (seining, trap fishing). Then after a period of time we remove less important fish and fish that cause problems. By doing this the natural balance of fish stocks is reached. We survey the condition of the lake periodically (2-3 years). It's mainly follow-up work, and removing fish if needed. Restoration plan covers every individual work phase from start to finish.

Kari Kinnunen

Email: kariki@dnainternet.net